Change log

Read this document to get to know the changes between different versions of the Inzomia image viewer.

Changes in version 3.00 from version 2.52

Added file window.

Added ability to view files in avi, rm, qt and other media formats.

Added preloading of the next image in the background when viewing an image.

Added a new default skin.

Added the ability to convert a web page to a zoomable image.

Added button to access Internet favorites.

Added dialog that will warn if memory gets dangerously low.

Show/Hide states of all windows are saved with each layout between program runs.

Added new option to specify where to save the last playlist.

Added new option to disable scrolling of the playlist thumb creation.

Changed the save dialog.

Changed layout of the image window buttons.

Added many new options in the preferences.

Fixed so that a filter of 0k does not filter files of size 0-1023 bytes.

Fixed a bug with showing/hiding the cursor that caused it to blink.

Fixed a bug that caused the viewer to always use 99% cpu time, even when idle.

Fixed a potential crashbug when the unregistered viewer was started.

Fixed so filetypes are filtered in the save dialog.

Changes in version 2.52 from 2.50

Cleaned up and added new tags to the skin definition file.

Grab should be much quicker and more stable.

Added the ability to assign/change shortcuts to commands in the program.

Shortcuts are not enabled when the browser has focus ie you cannot trigger a shortcuts when typing something in a text box on a web page. This does have the effect that if you click inside the browser window all shortcuts will be disabled until you click another window.

A bug in the hide cursor code caused the cursor to blink instead of being hidden.

Grab no longer download images displayed in the browser window it simply fetches it from the browser cache.

Ending grab should not freeze the program for a couple of seconds anymore. When the viewer is started with an image the image layout is selected automatically (the image window is large).

Changed behavior in slideshow mode: Selecting play will now continue from the current. image instead of restarting from the first image.

Stop now loads the first image.

Minor changes in the about box.

Faster png and zip file handling.

Changes in version 2.50 from version 2.31

New ability to load and save playlists with images to zip files was added.

New ability to save a slideshow as a self-running exe file was added.

New ability to save all images in a playlist to a folder was added.

The info page has been improved with new buttons for navigation.

Buttons added and layout of the buttons changed in the playlist winow.

Images on the web page displayed in the browser can be grabbed and added to the playlist.

The program now starts with a tutorial the first time it is run.

Layouts were added and windows positions are stored per layout between program runs.

Fixed hiding cursor that did not work correctly in fullscreen mode.

Fixed bug when some long playlists where loaded the last images in the playlist were duplicated.

The skin parser missed some alpha values in skins.

Hiding/showing the application from the taskbar now works correctly.

Problem with some shortcuts sometime being done more than once (ie next image/rotate)

General big optimization and rewrite of code should have resulted in noticeable faster pan/zoom and transitions.

Start arguments removed since they are obsolete with the new layouts (-imagewidth, -imageheight, -imagex, -imagey, -imagecenter)

Changes in version 2.31 from version 2.30

Added support to play Slideshows in random order.

The viewer can now automatically load the last used playlist (must be enabled from preferences).

Minor bug fixes.

Changes in version 2.30 from version 2.26

Playlist are now stored in xml format.

Rotation of images stored in the playlist.

Implemented real ole drag n drop from and to the playlist.

Support to read encrypted images

Increased the maximum number of generated thumbs from 3000 to 7680.

Moved all options for transitions to the transition page.

Minor bug fixes

Changes in version 2.26 from version 2.25

Minor bug fixes.

Changes in version 2.25 from version 2.20

Print support.

Fixed crash bug when two really large image was loaded after each other.

Fixed problem with 32 bit png images.

Minor bug fixes.

Changes in version 2.20 from version 2.10

Introducing Transitions!

Pause (button and the "p" key) now toggles pause mode.

Added more preferences.

Delete key in the playlist window now removes selected images from the playlist, even locked ones

Fixed an error when images were removed from the playlist. Should speed up addition of images after clear, removes the annoying flicker and fixes a crash bug.

Change memory handling (own optimized texture cache), should result in a lot better performance on bad graphic cards and prevents some errors on bad graphics drivers (for example ATI rage 128 used on many laptops).

Fixed some issues with changing skins.

Cleanup, uninstaller it was leaving some registry settings.

Cursor was hidden if the application was active and the cursor above the image window even if the image window did not have focus.

Fixed problem with doing "Browse with Inzomia Viewer 2" on many files from the windows desktop, some files did not get added to the playlist.

More minor bugs and fixes.

Changes in version 2.10 from version 2.02

Added tooltips to the buttons displayed on top of the image.

Added new auto hide feature to quickly hide all viewer windows (Shift + Esc).

Added Quick browse to maximize the thumbnail window.

The window size is restored when an image is loaded.

Ctrl + 1/2/3 to temporarily maximize the Thumbnail window, Image window and Info window. Press the same key again to restore.

Added option to turn of the new tooltips from general tab in preferences.

Added option to hide the cursor when it is not moved, can be disabled from the Navigation tab in preferences.

Added option to always zoom toward the center of the image instead of the cursors position.

Added option to display the complete pathname or just the image name in the windows titlebar.

Removing a lot of images from the playlist is now much quicker.

Now a progressbar is displayed when adding many images to the playlist.

'fit image' inside window now works with rotated images and the image is automatically 'fitted' when rotated.

Removed bug that caused images to get the wrong thumbnail when an image was removed from a list with many images

Updated the documentation with new features and fixed errors in the earlier documentation.