Major features

This chapter gives a brief overview of the major features in the Inzomia image viewer.

New in version 3.0

View media files

The Inzomia viewer supports viewing common media files through other viewers in the browser window. If you open a movie from the file window it will be played back in the browser window. Provided your computer has the right viewers installed it is possible to view, among other formats: pdf, avi, rm, mov and mpeg files.

Save web pages as images

The viewer supports transforming a web page that is displayed in the browser to an image. The image can then be viewed with the normal features like smooth zoom. You can also save the created image for later use.

Image preload

When your are viewing a photo the will load and prepare the next image in the background making it immediately available when you want to view it.

Windows image viewer replacement

Select “View folder with Inzomia Viewer 3” to view the selected image and browse the folder the same way the windows image viewer works but faster and with all the features of the Inzomia viewer.

New in version 2.50

Browse the web and grab images

The Browser window is a fully featured web browser with added support for downloading images and stopping popups. The viewer home page contains a lot of resources to help you find images on the Internet. When you have a page with images or links to images click the “grab” button to download them straight into your playlist. Remember to save grabbed images you want to keep for later.

Create a stand-alone slideshows as an .exe file

Press the “save” button in the playlist window and you can save your playlist as a self-running slideshow. The slideshow can even be played on computers not having the Inzomia viewer installed and the slideshow will not be limit with any trial period.  You are free to redistribute exe slideshow as you wish.

Save a playlist with images in a zip file

When you save your playlist you get the option to save your playlist as a zip file with all images in it. When you save your images with the playlist you can easily move them to another computer and the playlist will still work, including changed rotations and zoom.

Classic features

Playlist stored as xml

Playlists are stored in the standard xml format. It is easy to write image utilities that take playlists as input or to create other programs that create playlists as output.

Drag n drop to other programs

Support for drag n drop makes it possible to drag an image from the playlist to, for example, your favorite paint or mail program.


When the viewer changes from one image to another a smooth transition is played. You can change the type of transition or disable them from the preferences. By default transitions are used for slideshows.

Quick hide

Quick hide makes it quick and easy to hide/view the Inzomia viewer application. Hold down the Shift key and press the Esc key to quick-hide the application, restore the viewer to normal by pressing the same keys again. Hiding of the viewer is very quick and it is not possible to restore it from the taskbar by mistake, only the Esc + Shift key will bring it back up from quick-hide. The viewer has to be active to wake up from quick hide. Activate the viewer application by selecting it in the taskbar.

Quick browse

Quick browse makes it quick and easy to browse a playlist with a large number of thumbnail images. When you have a number of images to your playlist select "quick browse" from one of the thumbnails context menu or hold down the CTRL key while pressing the 1 key. The playlist window will expand to cover the desktop. When you double click a thumbnail to display the image the playlist window will be restored to its original size and position. You can also end the quick browse mode from any of the thumbnails context menu or by holding the CTRL key while pressing the 1 key.

Skinned user interface

The whole user interface is skinned. Skin files are specified in xml format with tags explained in the documentation. If you are interested in creating a new skin for the viewer contact us to have it distributed with future versions of the viewer, we also license customized viewers for bundling or use in companies

View images in compressed zip files

Images in zip files are handles just as easy as folders. You never need to care about decompressing zipped images again.

Smooth filtered zoom

The viewer has build-in smooth filtered zoom. Hold down and move the cursor forward to zoom in toward the cursor or back to zoom out from the cursors position.

Fullscreen view

Fullscreen mode lets you view images without disturbing windows and buttons. You are still able to bring forward the most important part of the user interface by moving the cursor to the top and right edge of the screen.

Rotate images

It quite common to take pictures with the camera rotated 90 degrees. The viewer lets you turn your photos right without altering the actual image file. Rotations are stored in the playlist. The playlist always shows the image in its original unrotated form.

Make image playlists

Make lists of your favorite images and store them as playlists only a few bytes large. With playlists you can organize your pictures without moving them around on the harddrive. Use different playlists to organize images in different ways. Playlists can later be added to other playlists to form new playlists and from the context meny you  can open the folder where the image is stored.


Show your photos as a slideshow in windowed or fullscreen mode, and share them with others.

Ignore images based on size or name

When working with web pages it is common to have photos and a lot of small images mixed. For example you might have a web image gallery where each large image has one small thumbnail. With the Inzomia viewer it is simple to get the viewer to automatically ignore all but the large images.

Command line options

The viewer accepts a number of command line arguments. Useful, for example, if you want to launch the viewer from an application/script or if you want to create a shortcut that always view images in a specific folder.