Viewing photos with Inzomia Image Viewer

Getting started

The Inzomia Image Viewer is a powerful image viewer that is really easy to use. The general idea behind the viewer is to always maximize the space the image can use on screen and to always make it easy to zoom in on a specific detail in you picture.

When you start the Inzomia image viewer for the first time you will be presented with four windows in the browser layout. Viewing images is best done in the image layout that you select by double clicking the title bar of the image window.

Opening a photo

To open an image into the Inzomia image viewer:

-         Drag the image from the window shell to the image window

-         Select View with Inzomia viewer 3 from the image context menu that is displayed when right-clicking a file in the windows shell.

-         Double-click a thumbnail in the playlist window.

Inzomia viewer is optimized to be able to display really large digital photos quickly.

When you load images from the playlist the next image will be preloaded transparently in the background. Because of this the next image can be displayed instantly when you decide to load it.

Viewing a photo

When viewing an image you can zoom in on a detail move the cursor to the thing you are interested in and while holding the right mouse button pressed moving the mouse forward. To move away out from the pixel move the mouse button toward you while still holding the right mouse button pressed. The image can be moved if you hold down the left mouse button while moving the mouse.

When an image is zoomed it is automatically filtered to improve image quality.


Fullscreen mode allows you to view your image without annoying buttons or windows making maximum use of your screen area. To view your image in fullscreen mode move the cursor to the top of the image window, a toolbar with buttons will appear. A button will appear on top of the image in the upper right corner. Click the button to go to fullscreen mode. To returned to the windowed mode simply repeat the process or hit the Esc key.


QuickView mode can be selected by the shortcut combination Ctrl + 1. In quickmode the image window is maximized over all other windows regardless of layout. The same key combination restores the viewer from QuickView mode.