Viewing the web

Opening a web page

When the Inzomia viewer is started from the desktop or the start menu the program is started in the browser layout.

If you started the viewer to view an image or folder you can select the browser layout by double clicking in the title bar of the web browser window.

To open the Inzomia viewer start page press the Home button. The Inzomia image viewer home page contains a number of links to image search engines you can use to find images.


To enter a URL directly click the Open button in the browser windows toolbar.


To open a page from you favorites list click the Favorites button from the Explorer windows toolbar.

Grabbing a web page as an image

When a web page is loaded click on the As Image button to take a snapshot of the web page. The image will be loaded into the Image window and you will be presented with a dialog to save the image.

The Grab as image function takes the complete web page and saves it. There is no need to scroll the page as all parts are saved not only the area visible in the window.

Grabbing large web pages can consume a very large amount of memory. If the viewer needs to allocate what seems like too much memory a dialog will be displayed as a warning. If you decide you still want to continue there is a risk the program will crash or that other running programs will crash as they run out of memory.

Grabbing photos from a web page

When you click the grab button all photos on the current page and photos linked directly from the page will be grabbed. When a grabbed image is downloaded it is added to the current playlist. To cancel grabbing before all photos are downloaded click the End grab button.

The grab function only grabs the file formats you can add to a playlist. For example, gif images are not grabbed which is a good thing as gif images are normally used for design elements on web pages like logos, buttons and separators. In the preferences it is possible to set filters to prevent some images to be added to the playlist.

Popup stopper

The browser window has a popup stopper that will warn you if a web page tries to open a new window. It is then up to you to allow the window to open or decline the request. In there preferences there is an option to always block all popup window if you do not want the dialog at al.

Double back function

When visiting a web page that redirect you to another page it might be hard or impossible to use the back button since you are directly redirected to the page you came from. When you hold the shift button while clicking the back button you skip the previous page and go directly two steps back in the browser history and avoid the redirecting page.