Inzomia image viewer 3

Inzomia image viewer 3 is one of the worlds fastest image viewer and its free for non commerical private use.
If you use the software in your work you should buy the "Inzomia image viewer 3 pro" version that has all the features of the normal version but doesn't display the logo on top of the image.


MajorFeatures - Read about what the viewer is capable of
Viewing images - Learn the basics of how to view images with the viewer
Viewing the web - Use the viewer to browse the web and find images
Working with playlists - Organize and share your photos with playlists
Window layouts - Learn how to work effective with differnt layouts
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Working with media files - How to view movies and other media files with the viewer
Supported media formats - Learn if a specific media format is supported by the viewer
Windows - Detailed information about the different windows in the viewer
Preferences - Lists and desciptions of the available preferences
Shortcuts - Lists of the default shortcuts
Skins - Learn how to create your own skin to the viewer
Changelog - Learn what is new in the version of the viewer
Command line arguments - Learn the command line arguments the viewer accepts
Contact - How to contact us