Viewing media files

What are media files

The Inzomia viewer support viewing of many different media files not directly supported inside playlists. While it does not make sense to create a slideshow containing a movie but you still probably want to be able to look at it.


Opening a media file

Media files are opened from the shell window and are played in the browser window. Locate the file you want to view in the shell window and double click it or select open from the context menu. If the media type is supported it should open up inside the browser window. If the format is unsupported the Inzomia viewer will try to open it through the windows shell. To view media files you need other viewers installed on you computer, for example to view pdf files with the Inzomia viewer you need to have the Adobe Acrobat viewer installed.


Some media formats, for example avi movies, need a codecs to be installed on the computer for the media to play. The type of codec needed depends on how the avi file was originally encoded and separate codecs are required for audio and video. Some popular codecs include DivX (, Cinepak ( and Indeo (

Downloading plugins

If you are missing a plug-in it will be downloaded automatically from the internet provided you have an internet connection. If for some reason this does not work download the plug-in from the developers web page. Windows media file can be found at, QuickTime can be found at, RealOne can be found at and Adobe Acrobat Reader can be found at


Because the Inzomia viewer uses third party plug-ins to play media formats there is a possibility that a particular file does not play inside the viewer or in the worst case even crashes the viewer. If this happens try to download the latest version of the required plug-in, the media formats table lists what type of program is needed for the different types of media formats. Some media types require the right codec to work, make sure you have the codecs installed. If a movie plays without sound you are probably missing an audio codec, to solve the problem start to search the source from where you got the media file.